Idea and Innovation Manager

Innovation and Change Management:
  • Five-field innovation model
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Change processes and procedures
  • Open innovation
  • Promoters for innovation
  • Presenting as a method for the creation of new products and services
Evaluation of Ideas & Technologies:
  • Methods for the evaluation of ideas
  • Evaluation of ideas according to the IQHelix-concept
  • Evaluation of technologies and market
  • Megatrends as a basis for the evaluation of ideas & technologies
Process Steps from Idea to R&D Project:
  • Process steps for the section of ideas
  • Mapping of the idea management process
  • Tools for idea management
  • Nucleus of ideas
  • Business process modeling for idea and innovation management
Implementing of Idea Management into the Organisation:
  • Factors for an innovation friendly corporate culture according to the IMLead®-concept
  • Leadership and integrated management as a basis for ideas and innovations

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Steinbeis Center of Technology Transfer India

Everything begins with Idea and Innovation


The participants get to know different types of innovations and their classification, get an overview of tools for the evaluation of ideas and technologies and process steps from their idea to the finished development result. They learn methods for involving employees in innovation processes by creating a culture of innovation, overcoming resistance and are able to define the forces that promote or hinder change. They know the most important promotersof innovations and are able to assess their integrated interaction for successful business development. The participants acquire methodological competence for successful idea and innovation management, recognize the interaction of all elements treated and can directly apply the methods learned in practice.

Option 1 = residential course: 7 seminar days by German professors + 2 days self-managed interactive distance-learning course with online tutoring + 1 x transfer paper

Option 2 = blended learning course: 30 hours distance courses / webinars by German professors + 4 seminar days by local experts + 2 days self-managed interactive distance-learning course with online tutoring + 1 x transfer paper

4 Months - Online Course - 24 Webinars (10 video sessions plus 14 interactive webinars), Self-Study and Transfer Paper (Projects)

Self-managed interactive E-learning course with online tutoring:

  • Idea & Innovation Management
  • The role of a Chief Technology Manager
  • By German and Indian Professors.
  • For Students and Working Professionals / Companies
  • Online | Computer with latest internet browser is required.
  • Rs. 98500 only for min 15 students + 18% GST (VAT)
  • Steinbeis India + Steinbeis Global Institute Tubingen (Steinbeis Academy at University Berlin)
  • Certified course by Steinbeis University with 10 credit points
  • Students can decide their own schedule of learning.

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