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Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg was founded in 1984 by the state government of Baden-Württemberg as part of Reutlingen University. Since 2008, the Academy has been implementing its educational, consulting and research activities as a private company.

One focus is the design and implementation of blended learning concepts and e-learning modules for the education and training of specialists and executives. Documents for the self- learning phase as well as interactive web-based trainings are provided via the learning platform The programs are scientifically supported by the SGIT Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen of Steinbeis University Berlin.

In order to bring latest knowledge into trainings and consultancy projects, Export-Akademie is actively involved in international research and R&D activities. For their research activities Export- Akademie is awarded with the innovation seal of the Stifterverband Germany. In the past 20 years a significant number of feasibility studies, theoretical and empirical researches, thematic workshops/seminars/webinars with a focus on green technologies were organized and successfully implemented. For example, e-learning concepts for the implementation of educational processes were provided for the cluster companies

in the MicroTEC Südwest cluster of excellence, and advice was provided on the development of blended learning qualification measures and the creation of e-learning tools. MicroTEC Südwest consists of over 100 cluster partners such as universities, research institutions, companies and organisations and was funded by the BMBF Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the period 2013-2016.

Innovation and new technologies are the key to successfully mastering the challenges of the future. With new technologies and a new management approach of integrated management & leadership, new solutions and ways to slow down the climate change and to increase living standards can be created. Therefore, the concept of integrated technology management was developed in the last years.

Figure 2: Green IMLead® concept for Integrated Management & Leadership

The concept of Green IMLead® Integrated Management & Leadership is bringing together the different perspectives of technology and management. In the centre, the manager/project manager is leading a company, business un it or a specific project (Field 1). With green leadership competences individuals(own staff,suppliers and also the customers) have to be managed (Field2). External information (market and environment) and internal information (data from processes, product data, data from infrastructure) has to be managed, too (Field 3). Nowadays, the data management is linked to digital solutions, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 applications. Innovationsin new technologies and business models are the main basis to fulfil the current and future market demands (Field 4). To manage integrated waste management systems appropriate production and business processes are necessary (Field 5). As such integrated systems are improved and developed in faster life cycles agility and change management competences are

important, too (Field 6). Finally, all activities need to be financed and all field has to be connected in an integrated way which is reflected in the competence of managers and scientists for integrated acting and thinking (Field 7). The Export-Akademie network consists of about 80 trainers and experts who carry out consulting and training activities worldwide. In this way, different economic, cultural and linguistic peculiarities can be taken into account in order to conduct our training courses in different training formats in a professional, adaptable and agile manner. This enables us to act globally while at the same time responding to local requirements and needs.

"We are one of the leading consulting organisations for modern and competitive corporate management in an international context. Our expertise lies in cybernetic corporate management according to the IMLead® concept and in the implementation of benchmarking projects and potential analyses. We share our bundled know-how with our customers, develop implementation-oriented action strategies together with them and accompany them during the target-oriented implementation."
Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer, Gründer und Partner der Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg

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