Technology Transfer

Frugal innovation and the role of (hidden) technology managers in transfer projects:
  • Scientific work
  • Properties of frugal innovations
  • Building international research co-operations
  • The role of (hidden) chief technology officers in the technology transfer process
International patent & licensing law:
  • Patent Law
  • International contract and licensing law
  • Environmental and product liability Law
  • Intellectual property (national/international)
Technology transfer and espionage:
  • Definition of technology transfer
  • Methods of technology transfer / transfer with universities / possibilities of research funding
  • Types of espionage
  • Defense and avoidance strategies of espionage
  • Differentiation between market research and espionage
Technology strategy and strategic business development:
  • Conception of a technology strategy for international business
  • Linking the technology strategy with the generic strategies of Porter
  • Strategic business development based on the IMLead® concept
  • International marketing of technologies.

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Steinbeis Center of Technology Transfer India

Technology Transfer

Technology is a useful servant but dangerous master


  • Online | Computer with latest internet browser is required.
  • 4 Months - Online Course - 24 Webinars (10 video sessions plus 14 interactive webinars), Self-Study and Transfer Paper (Projects)

    The participants get to know the main types and methods of the technology transfer and legal aspects of the technology transfer process. They learn methods of the industrial/technology espionage protection and efficient ways of a technology strategy development. Further they know the reasons and properties of the reverse technology process, glocalisation and innovation diffusion. The participants acquire methodological competence for successful technology transfer, recognize the interaction of all elements treated and can directly apply the methods learned in practice.

  • For Students and Working Professionals / Companies
  • Computer with latest internet browser is required
  • Rs. 98500 only for min 15 students + 18 % GST (VAT)
  • Steinbeis India + Steinbeis Global Institute Tubingen (Steinbeis Academy at University Berlin)
  • Students can decide their own schedule of learning.

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