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Steinbeis Akademie, Steinbeis University Berlin

The Steinbeis DNA: Double Helix from Theory and Practice

Ferdinand von Steinbeis (1807-1893) was a visionary of education and technology. He was the founder of numerous trade schools and an educational innovator and the promoter of the efficient interlinking between knowledge and ability. In 19 th century itself, he thought about networking between institutions and industry. Setting as a standard for Steinbeis – he inspired entrepreneurs to innovate and developed the idea of dual education – establishing synergy of theory and practice in vocational training – an approach which is now followed globally.

The Steinbeis University: Dual Education in 21 st Century

Since 1998, the Steinbeis University has been recognised by the German Government as a privately owned University with self-administration. In the field of technology and economics, Steinbeis University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs as well as Research and Doctoral programs.

Innovation, Research & Knowledge Transfer

The Steinbeis University maintains a transfer-oriented approach in research and teaching. The basis for this is a systematic, practice-oriented approach of studies. Steinbeis ensures a balanced relationship between basic research and applied research, which flows systematically into the development of competencies. In addition to basics & methodology, Steinbeis also imparts its students with current knowledge from research results.

Equipped for the challenges of today

Steinbeis students develop solutions to problems in a real environment. This requires them to systematically apply, develop and expand their skills at various levels. This is what makes Steinbeis students outstanding specialists and executives in project competence studies.
Steinbeis students are able to work competently and innovatively in a world that challenges them with dynamic changes continuously.

Preparing for Jobs

Every project that Steinbeis students carry out during their studies bring them a little closer to the ideal we aspire to, that of a personality who is well educated in theory and in practice. In addition to the specialist focus, Steinbeis students acquire the highest level of preparation for the job market and moreover important elements for improving their personality. These are important pre-requisites not only to be the innovation driver of the future for business and society, but also to lead a successful professional and personal life.

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