Steinbeis Urban Mobility Centre


Steinbeis Centre of Excellence for Smart Urban Mobility Technologies (SCUMT)


Traffic congestion is an existing and increasing trouble for our cities today. The number of private automobiles getting purchased are increasing each year and as these get added to the roads, the public has to contend with an ever increasing quantum of Traffic jams and lack of parking spaces. These have a connection to the economic growth of the country and the lack of convenient public transportation in many areas. The effects of Traffic congestion is not only on time lost in commuting but also has other spin-off effects such as respiratory illnesses, noise pollution and various mental stresses.

The challenge demands that we introduce new policies and technological solutions, including in design and planning. We need to bring in sustainable solutions which do not impinge on democratic rights.

For this purpose we have partnered with the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NIT-W) to jointly provide solutions. The eminent Prof. CSRK Prasad is heading the Steinbeis Centre of Excellence in Smart Urban Mobility Technologies. Armed with his vast experience in this sector, he provides consulting solutions to private companies as well as government bodies who are looking to set up more sustainable transport solutions.

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