Steinbeis Consultants

Mr. Dilip Kulkarni – Trainer and Freelance Consultant

Specialties: Is a resourceful & technically proficient Mechanical Engineer with core strengths across Industrial Design & product and Process Enhancement, Research and Development, Value Engineering & Quality Management. Currently spearheading as AVP (Design, R & D and New Product Development) with multinational in Bangalore,

Mr. Sameer Joshi – Plastics Professional

Specialties: Plastics, Chartered Engineer, Approved Valuer for Plant and Machinery, Completed fellowship equivalent to Ph.D. on plastic waste management

Mr. Vipin Bhogal – Consultant at Steinbeis

Specialties: Responsible for guiding the SMS sector for productivity enhancement in the manufacturing sector/ b. Undertaking assignment on automation and Tie up for Technology & Import Substitution for various SMEs/c. Developed Products for Import Substitution

Mr. Vishwas Tendulkar – Energy and Environment, safe drinking water technology

Specialties: a.Waste Management f. Quality Management, b. Water Management g. Renewable Energy, c. Energy Management h. Agribusiness, d. Vocational Education & Training i. Health Management e. Project Management j Sustainability & Social Business Model, Executed Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation Projects across the country Executed Railway Signalling Projects across the country Trained and Certified Project Management Professionals across crosssection of Industries

Dr. Lakshman Vudanrao – Expert-membrane technology

Specialties: cluster study (SMEs), specialization includes (a) IP Analytics (Technology landscape, identification of potential technology /partner, patentability assessments, etc.) and (b) membrane separation technology (have the facility to take up any feasibility studies,

Dr. GBRK Prasad – Pharma (API and Formulation)

Specialties: Heading supply chain function of vertically integrated pharma company covering raw materials, packing materials, logistics, Capex, Opex procurement functions.Handles a spend base of Rs360 Crores per annum

Mr. Suvendu Seth – Transport Planning & Road Safety Consultant

Specialties: I have 27 years of experience in planning, design of transportation systems and traffic engineering in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, the USA, the UK (workshare) and Yemen (workshare). I have extensive experience in working with AASHTO, TRB, California, Florida and Texas standards. I underwent training at the California Department of Transportation in traffic operations studies, traffic design and road safety studies. I Worked on road safety studies in planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance stages. I was a registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Planner in the USA and I am a Chartered Engineer in India.

Dr. ARAVIND VADIRAJ – Consultant – Metallurgy & Material Science | New Product Development

Specialties: 15 years of enriching experience in planning, R&D, management and execution of the Laboratory testing and new product development in the area of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Working experience in material characterization and testing, Good experience in the areas of Tribology, Surface Coatings, Heat treatment, and castings.




Mr. Sanjay Singh – Wood Science & Technology & practicing 

Specialties: Expertise in Furniture, Handicrafts, Decorative’s, flooring, cladding, decks, construction materials of Wood, Bamboo, Composite, Hard Goods. Transforming industrial and commercial needs of one by setting QA & QC standards, Production Processes, Resolving age-old problems, cementing markets world over.


Mr. B Krishnamurthy – Management Consulting, Tech transfer of telecom products

Specialties: 37 years of experience in the telecom evolution in the country- he worked in CDOT Banglore. He is also involved in Management Consulting, leadership training, and executive coaching.

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