Setting-up Technology Transfer Centers / State Innovation Networks

Setting-up Technology Transfer Centers / State Innovation Networks

Steinbeis is an international service provider in entrepreneurial knowledge and technology transfer.  The core elements of know-how which are decisive for the Steinbeis system is also transferred to other countries/regions like South Africa. Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

“Transfer of Transfer (ToT)” is the product of years of work by Steinbeis in the field of technology transfer. Steinbeis was able to implement cooperation between industry, research, and government as a technology transfer model which is un-precedented worldwide with the following principles –

    1. Use of the existing R&D infrastructure
    2. Benefit for the customer
    3. The interface state – economy
    4. Availability to the industry
    5. Adaptability as per industry requirement
    6. Holistic approach
    7. Decentralization and flat hierarchy
    8. Simple organization
    9. Internationalization
    10. Financial independence.

The aim of the “Transfer of Transfer” project is the successful implementation of a technology transfer model to be developed for the host country/region by applying the basic principles of Steinbeis. This means not just copying the Steinbeis-model, but a specified transfer, which is orientated towards the local economic, scientific and technological infrastructure. The project aims at raising awareness among stakeholder and project implementation in a time-bound manner – through a proposed Consulting & Implementation Network Project which includes a Study Mission to Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

The recommended theoretical base is the following:

  • Transfer Entrepreneurship
  • Active Short Consultancy/Short Consultancy
  • National and International Systems
  • Economic Promotion and Consulting

Irrespective of the individual phases tailored to the customer’s requirements, the procedure provides the general basis for the “Transfer of Transfer” philosophy. Therefore the modules of the ToT are formed out of specific contents of the Steinbeis Transfer System implemented in Germany, which have been proven over 30 years.

Project Concept

The Project aims to provide the know-how for the initiation of a technology-focused institutional service network for SME in the state. In parallel contacts with leading executive staff of B-W institutions and government bodies will be established in order to prepare envisaged partnerships and twining-relations.

In 1 step experts and multipliers for technology-transfer will be invited and trained in Germany for 2 weeks in order to enhance their knowledge of the structural patterns and the lessons learned of Baden-Württemberg technology-focused Economic-Policy-Model.

Those and further modules are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and the requirements due to the individual requirements in the host country/region. The “Transfer of Transfer” strategy is based on the so-called “EOC Principle” (Executive Operational Companies). This means that all those involved in the technology transfer must be integrated.


The executive training is aimed at those responsible for ensuring that the transfer process can be implemented. The executive level is also responsible for the implementation of the planned strategy.


The operational training provides the necessary tools for the employees who carry out the transfer project so that they are able to promote the economy of the country specifically and in practical projects through technology transfer.

Company Coaching

Company coaching is the third necessary component of the concept. The companies must already be involved during the ToT process. This facilitates the practical implementation of the prior project phases, the “learning on the job” for the employees of the partner organization and it also increases future acceptance of the technology transfer model by local industry through direct feedback in the ToT process.

Success Stories

  • Sri Lanka
  • CSIR Partnership
Steinbeis India has worked for SQW/GIZ in Sri Lanka and has intensively studied the Technology and Innovation system of the country. During this assignment, the Steinbeis model was introduced to Sri Lankan stakeholders. Mr. Vineet Goyal, Director, Steinbeis India had also written an article on ‘Expanding Steinbeis Services in Sri Lanka’ for the ‘SME Ways’, a technology and innovation journal in Sri Lanka published with the support of GIZ.
Steinbeis got a unique distinction of being selected as a partner of Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India, which has 38 national research laboratories in its network, as a Knowledge Commercialisation Partner. Under this project, Steinbeis has already identified 10 different technologies for promotion to Industry in India and abroad.

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