Setting-up Technology & Innovation Centers with Industry Associations and Professional Colleges

Setting-up Technology & Innovation Centers with Industry Associations and Professional Colleges

The Institutions of the future shall be well connected to the industry, and both shall depend on each other for Innovations. Industry shall contribute to Institutions for innovating the course-curriculum or new R&D, and shall also expose the faculty and scientists to the latest technologies – which (the knowledge) in turn shall be transferred to their students/research work.  Similarly,  Institutes and the dynamic brains of the young Engineers and scientists which are connected to sciences and new  R&D shall contribute to various product and process innovations in the industry.

Based on the globally acknowledged and proven German model of engagement between Industry and Institutions, we support Institutions to establish Transfer centres in specific areas of Technology  & Management. Similarly, Industry Associations are supported to establish Technology and Innovation Centres to support its members. Each Centre is supported to establish and sustain processes which are developed, tested and practised by Steinbeis GmbH in Germany for over 30 years now. Further, each Centre is linked-up with many centres within  Steinbeis  Network  – to support them in terms of expertise and technology infrastructure.

Joining the Steinbeis Network provides the  Institutions and Industry Associations with unmatched access to the expertise and infrastructure of over 1000 Steinbeis Transfer Centres and the technology transfer network of Steinbeis.

Each Steinbeis Technology Centre specializes in a specific area of Technology / general technology areas, providing ‘on-demand’ services to the industry – mainly SME’s – to cater to their technological and training requirements.

Each Centre works as a fully independent Private Enterprise in the professional institution, within the umbrella of Steinbeis India – whereby Steinbeis takes care of all the legal, accounting, taxation and general marketing activities (against a Network Fees). The Centre Head – one of the Professors / Scientists / Experts / Full –Time Professional, of the Institution who is interested to work as an entrepreneur, is fully free to work and interact with the industry, thus creating a lot of mutual value– both for the Institution and the Industry. The host Institution provides support in terms of providing office infrastructure and space and allowing the faculty to spare some time for the Centre’s activities, apart from allowing the use of laboratories and seminar rooms for the activities of the Centre. Once the Steinbeis Centre starts making profits, they have to pay to the Institution for utilizing its labs and seminar rooms for its services to the industry.

As an entrepreneur, the professor shares 10% of the gross earnings with Steinbeis and 10% with the host institute (or as per the policy of the Institute), while retaining the balance – out of which he takes his professional fees and also takes care of the Centre expenses.

Requirements for establishing a Technology Centre by a professional Educational Institution / Industry Associations

  1. The Institute has to sign an agreement with Steinbeis India to establish Steinbeis Centre in the Institutions.
  2. The Centre has to be headed by a Centre Head who has to be an Expert /  Professional with at least 2 years experience in marketing, and interest in technology development and innovation. Alternatively, a faculty having an experience of at-least 2 Projects for the industry, could be the Centre Head should be selected in concurrence with Steinbeis India.
  3. The Centre would have to be provided support by the Institute in terms of a fully furnished office-space and other operational expenditure (telephones, internet, tours and travels etc.) for a period of min. 2 years.

The Centre Head would have to undergo orientation at Steinbeis India Headquarters / at their Institution (organized by Steinbeis India) at Hyderabad within 1 month of signing the agreement. Another Steinbeis Certificate Training program for Centre Heads in India shall be organized within one year of the opening of the Centre. A training fee shall be payable at least two months before the commencement of the 2nd Training Program. The travel, lodging and boarding expenses for this training would have to be borne by the Institute and all subsequent trainings which the Centre Head would be required to undergo, as mandated by Steinbeis Germany.

Steinbeis India Technology Centres –

  1. Steinbeis Solar Research Centre Private Limited (Chennai)
  2. Steinbeis Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies and Knowledge Transfer (Manipur)
  3. Steinbeis Centre for Automotive Technologies Chitkara University (Chandigarh)
  4. Steinbeis AIT Centre for Technology Transfer, Ansal Institute of Technology (Gurgaon)
  5. Steinbeis CLIK Centre for Technology and Innovation, Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka, Bengaluru
  6. Steinbeis IamSME Centre for technology and Innovation, Integrated Association of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises / IamSMEofIndia (Faridabad)
  7. Steinbeis IAU Centre for Technology & Innovation, Industry Association of Uttarakhand (Dehradun)
  8. Steinbeis NITW Centre for Smart Urban Mobility, National Institute of Technology (Warangal)
  9. Steinbeis AKGEC Centre for Technology & Innovation, AKG Engineering College, Ghaziabad (New Delhi)
  10. Steinbeis JLU Centre for International Business, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal
  11. Steinbeis BMS Centre for Technology & Innovation, BMS Engineering College, Bengaluru
  12. Steinbeis JBIT Centre for Technology & Innovation, JB Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  13. Steinbeis GNITS Centre for Technology & Innovation, GN Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  14. Steinbeis GVP Centre for Technology & Innovation, GVP College of Engineering, Vishakhapatnam
  15. Steinbeis GRIET Centre for Technology & Innovation, GR Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad
  16. Steinbeis ARKAY Centre for Solar Technology & Training, Kolkata
  17. Steinbeis MIT Centre for Technology & Innovation, MIT Institute of Technology, Pune (in progress)
  18. Steinbeis Innovation & Start-up Centre, Swarnim Innovation & Entrepreneurship University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

 Setting-up Innovation and Technology Transfer Offices with Industry Associations

Under a project supported by GIZ, Steinbeis established Innovation and Technology Transfer Offices with Industry Associations – 

    1. The consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka, Bangalore
    2. Integrated Association of MSMEs of India, New Delhi
    3. Govindapura Industries Association, Bhopal
    4. Uttarakhand Industries Association, Dehradun

As a part of the project, more than 20 projects were identified and initiated in the areas of Technical Consulting, Development and Transfer.


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