Process / Product Upgradation – Plastics and Rubber Processing, Rusting and Painting Solution, Process Automation, Lean Management, etc.

Process/Product Upgradation – Plastics and Rubber Processing, Rusting and Painting Solution, Process Automation, Lean Management, etc.

Objectives of the Lean Management projects undertaken by Steinbeis are as follows –

  1. Train a group of potential leaders representing all the functional areas on lean methodology and process improvement framework.
  2. Help the team in identifying the potential projects from process improvement angle, and impact on the final product being manufactured.
  3. Help the teams to identify potential measurable objectives that can be achieved from the complete exercise such as CTQ = Critical to quality, CTP = Critical to Process, CTT = Critical to Technology, CTC = Critical to Customer, CTM = Critical to Management. The goals shall be prioritized based on the management need and agreed with the management.
  4. Help the teams in creating a detailed project plan indicating the potential goals to be accomplished, milestones for review with senior management.
  5. Identification of the  bottlenecks to Improve the process velocity leading towards faster turnaround time
  6. Implementation of the identified projects for process and product improvement.
  7. Verify if the process is the most optimum! And the metrics for monitoring the process.

Relevant Projects Done –

  1. Improvement of Mould and Process Design for Industries having Plastics Injection Moulding in Faridabad.
  2. Common Coolant & Chip Handling System for CNC Machines for Auto-Component Manufacturers in Gurgaon
  3. Process Technology Improvements and application – Supply Chain Management Technology – Implementation & System Set-up

Lean Management – Case Study: Improvement of Mould and Process Design

  1. Stress was laid on improving the process capabilities of Indian SMEs by improving the Mould Design and Development facilities at these units.
  2. Training and Workshops conducted in Mould Designs, Raw Materials (Thermo-plastics), Moulding Machine Design and Dynamics, Process Cycle and Defects.
  3. Diagnostic Study for each of the members conducted focusing on their Tool Rooms and Mould Design Facilities for improvement.
  4. Improvement focus was on –
    • Hardening and other Treatment solutions for Moulds.
    • Mould Design Improvements.
    • Mould Re-Design.
    • Raw Material Understanding.
    • Pain Areas in terms of manufacturing process/mould/machine etc.
  5. Process Study right from Raw Material entry to packaging and shipment, identifying the key pain areas of the process and how they can be improved upon.
  6. Based on this process study, Process and Product Improvement projects on –
    • Automations, Man-Machine Optimization
    • Product Design Facilities, Material Handling Capabilities
  7. The Future (after Lean Implementation) –
    • Cluster-to-cluster collaboration with Plastics and other Cluster in Europe leading to enhanced market outreach and Business Development for Exports.
    • Technology and Know-How to Exchange with Plastic Processing Clusters from Europe.
    • Business Delegations and Direct Marketing Opportunities with European Cluster for enhancement in Euro – India Trade relations.

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