1. As a Small / Medium Enterprise (SME), what benefits can I get by availing the services of Steinbeis India ?

There are multiple benefits to be had by associating with Steinbeis India. We can offer to you technology transfer in a variety of fields of technology. You may see from the Steinbeis Germany webpage the wide range of Steinbeis centres that we have, specialized in different fields:

Steinbeis – Germany Website : http://www.steinbeis.de/en/experts/steinbeis-enterprises-and-partners.html

All that we would request you to do is fill up our one page Technology needs form, which is available on this website (in the Contact section), and share it with us. We will take the responsibility of scouting for the technology among our Steinbeis network partners, especially in Germany. If you would like your required technology to be developed in India, then we can explore that possibility also, considering that we have a network of consultants in India and partnerships with various colleges and research institutes.

We can even help your company make Joint Ventures or other forms of tie-ups with foreign firms, as we are already doing currently.

For all of the above we will sign an agreement with your company, and we will undertake the business dealing and payment in a transparent way, as per the business proposal we draft for you and in terms of mutual reciprocity.


2. I am an individual inventor and I have developed a new Technology. I want to promote this in a profitable way for myself. Can I get help from your organisation ?

We can surely do this for you. We support not only Small and Medium Enterprises, but also individual entrepreneurs. You can expect all help from us to promote your technology Nationally and Internationally.We can promote your technology passively on online innovation platforms also.

Nationally, we can find you atleast two parties who will be ready to purchase and promote your technology. Internationally, we can help you in all of those countries where we have our Steinbeis Centres and other partners. We will require you to fill up our one-page technology offer form, which can be downloaded from this website (Contact section). We request you to contact us for further details.


3. I am an expert in the field of Electronics and I wish to work for myself by being a consultant. What benefits can a network like Steinbeis offer to me ?

We would welcome experts in the fields of Electronics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Automotive, Clean Technologies and Technology and Innovation Management, to associate with us as a consultant. By being a consultant with us, you as an expert get the benefit of international branding of Steinbeis- a globally recognized German brand and the legitimacy that comes along with us. You would have full autonomy to scout for clients and take up your own projects. We at the Steinbeis office in Hyderabad will do the back office work for you, including in documentation and paper work.

We also would not charge you any monthly fees. The only thing we would expect from you would be to sharewith us a small part of the payment from your clients, towards our Network Fees.

An additional benefit is that after you gain experience for a year or more, you can create and set up your own Steinbeis Centre, and take up consultancy projects independently of us. In this way, you get your own organisation and individual identity within the Global Steinbeis network.


4. We are a college and we are interested in establishing a Steinbeis Transfer Centre / Centre of Excellence. What is the procedure ?

We would require one of the professors of your college to be heading the centre. This should not, however, come at the cost of the time he spends for his regular academic duties. The centre will be identified with the same expertise that the concerned professor specializes in.

We have presently set up a Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Smart Urban Mobility Technology in National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal and are in the process of setting up CoEs in Drone Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) in various Hyderabad Engineering Colleges. These CoEs will offer an array of services to the colleges in which they are located. This includes faculty training, training and placements to students and connections for the institute to the industry. In short, this is a straight forward way for the institute to stay up to date with technological advancements in the concerned field.

The constant interaction with industry will mean that the faculty and the institution will stay abreast of the latest requirements of industry. Also our expert trainers in the field will impart the latest innovations in the field in the training programs. This will not only ensure that the skills of the faculty and students are continually enhanced, but will also give a competitive edge to the students in placements with respect to their peers in other colleges.

There will have to be an agreement to be signed between your college and us at Steinbeis India.There are certain other requirements for which we would encourage you to contact us directly.


5. I am a student and I would like to take the benefits of Germany’s advanced facilities in Robotics and Solar technology. Can your organization help me find and enrol for a relevant training program in Germany ?

We have a partner organization in Germany called Indo-Euro Synchronisation which regularly conducts programmes in Automation in Germany. This programmeis an intensive programme of ten days where students are given exposure to the facilities of the various automobile companies in Germany, research institutions and also at the European centre of Mechatronics in Aachen. We are the official partner of Autosol in India and we accept applications from Indian students.

Aside from this we are also able to conduct training programmesin association with the various Steinbeis centres in Germany, one of which is the bi-annual session on Innovation in SMEs. We have a tie-up with Steinbeis University in Germany and facilitate student to take up the Galileo Masters certification course in Europe.Contact our office for more details.


6. I am a Company / Working Professional / Independent Technology and Innovation Consultant. Can your organization help me find and enrol for a relevant training program in Innovation Management ?

We recently completed two programs in the area of Innovation Management – one for SME’s and the other for Technology Facilitation Organisations, in partnership with ISB (Indian School of Business), FITT – II Delhi (Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer), IIM Calcutta (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta) and IIM – Indore (Indian Institute of Management Indore). We trained more than 120 Professionals in training programs conducted with these premier Institutes.

Steinbeis has not established a long-term partnership with NMIMS (Narsee Monjee) University Mumbai, Bangalore Campus for providing three months training in Innovation Management for the companies in Manufacturing Sector. This is a unique 3 Months Class Room + Offline program where the participants shall be taken through various tools and implementation aspects of Innovation Management. The course shall be undertaken by experienced faculty from Steinbeis Germany with support of NMIMS Faculty.


7. I am a EngineeringStudent / Pass Out, interested to undergo a technical training and join a good company to make my career. How can your organization help me ?

Steinbeis Academy India under E-Cube Program to ‘Enhance Engineers Employability’. These programs are typically 6-8 weeks programs whereby students are trained on Core Technical Skills apart from certain soft-skills. The intensive programs develop technical skills of the students while preparing them for core technical and marketing jobs. Once the students pass through our extensive trainings and assessment, they are provided opportunities for interviews with some of the top companies in the respective fields.




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