Design & Engineering of Solar PV and other Renewable Energy Systems

Design & Engineering of Solar PV and other Renewable Energy Systems

Steinbeis is involved in Solar Projects with the aim of specialization for the Solar Power Plants & Solar Research Centres for Roof-tops & Educational Institutions. Steinbeis partners with other organizations to avail MNRE subsidy for Solar Power Projects. Steinbeis also partners with Smart Energy International AG, Germany to access the German expertise for design, engineering, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Solar PV Power Plants from 1KW to MW range. The experience involves setting up of Solar Power Plants for 4 Schools (2kW – 5kW) in Hyderabad, 100 kW System at Shobhit University Meerut, and many more projects from 10kW – 5MW range across many countries.

Steinbeis Services in Design and Engineering of Solar PV Power Plants –

  • Consultation: ODMs and OEMs on Product Designs, System Design and Engineering and to meet global product/system compliance requirement
  • Training on PV Solar: Engineering Students, Consultants, and Working Professionals
  • Technology Development: Inverters, Charge Controllers, SCADA, Battery Technology, High-Efficiency Modules, etc.
  • Special Training Modules: UL and IEC standards for PV module, PV Inverters and other BoS equipment Manufacturers
  • Supporting micro-level research in the area of Renewable Energy – Solar, Geothermal, Energy Management, etc.

Pilot School Solar Project: This was a part of Mega-City Project of the German Government. It concentrated on the reduction in energy consumption by using Solar Power in schools, which not only reduces the electricity bill but also makes us self sufficient power producers. Due to power shortage in the present scenario, we have to depend on an alternative source of power, solar power is the best replacement where the fuel (Sun Energy) is freely available. The solar power system requires less maintenance and has a long life of over 20-25 Years. This provided a great opportunity for the faculty and students to learn about the real-time solar power application. As a part of this project, Steinbeis has also developed training material for the faculty and students of the schools implementing Solar Power Plants.

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