Applied Research & Development

Applied Research & Development

Our network of Technology Centres and Experts from premier Indian Institutions (IIT’s, NIT’s, IISc, CSIR Labs etc.) and also through the Steinbeis Network of over 1200 Transfer Centres, and Steinbeis India Technology Partners in North America, Hungary, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Australia and Srilanka.

We quickly translate our edge in knowledge and skills into marketable products and processes. How do we do this? We use the market-based transfer of knowledge and technology to match commissioned and applied research as well as practice-oriented developments with pre-competitive research results and specific challenges faced by businesses. No matter which solution we put into practice, each and everyone must ultimately profit our customers. Simply put, they must demonstrate real competitive advantages. As a result, every single research and development project focuses on what truly makes implicit, specific knowledge and technology transfer successful: user orientation, marketability, and timely deployment.

Proven experts in their field, our staff can point to years of experience in generating and actually translating knowledge and expertise into products and services. We know what’s involved in taking know-how gleaned from basic and applied research as well as development and putting it into practice for our customers’ live projects.

What makes our Centers so successful? They collaborate closely with other research and development institutions while remaining organizationally and financially independent. Thanks to our structure and seasoned professors usually heading up research and development in our Centers, we place the latest results and findings at companies’ fingertips quickly, directly and free of red tape. Our portfolio ranges from optimizing products, processes,and systems to integrating new technologies into existing applications – even complete, new developments.

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